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Computerized Hearing Test

Computerized hearing test

Computerized Hearing Test

Do you suspect that you may be experiencing hearing loss? How can you be certain? Hearing impairment can affect anyone and often develops so gradually that it's challenging to detect until noticeable symptoms emerge.

Given the wide-ranging impact of hearing loss on your overall health, obtaining an initial hearing assessment and scheduling annual follow-up tests can prove invaluable in catching it at an early stage.

Hearing tests are straightforward and painless. Their purpose is not only to ascertain whether you have hearing loss but also to determine the extent of its severity. Moreover, a comprehensive hearing test can help pinpoint the specific type of hearing loss you may be experiencing, whether it's conductive, sensorineural, or a mixed combination. This information is crucial in determining the most appropriate course of action, whether it involves medical treatment or the use of hearing aids.

Following your hearing test, you will receive an audiogram, which serves as a valuable tool for you and your hearing care professional to select the most suitable hearing aid style. The degree of your hearing loss will guide the choice of hearing aid styles, with smaller models typically better suited for milder hearing loss. If you are new to hearing aids, you may find this guide on the various types and styles of hearing aids beneficial.

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